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Enneagram & Integrative Coaching Berlin

Explore your inner space

Clara Steinmann

Enneagram & Integrative Coaching


Trained as Transformational Coach by Animas Center for Coaching and Resilience Coach by Institut für Entspannungstechnik und Kommunikation, I continuously develop my work and build my knowledge around coaching, personal development, resilience, trauma, somatic experience, constellation work and mindfulness.

Many years ago, I have come across the Enneagram as model for personal growth and self-discovery. It captured me and has kept my interest and devotion ever since. I am trained and in training for the narrative tradition of the Enneagram (by Enneagram Germany) as well as somatic approaches to the Enneagram (with the Institute für Triadische Systemik).

Integrating different approaches to the Enneagram and coaching, as well as applying the learnings of different schools of thought allows me to tailor the coaching journey to your specific needs and individual challenges.

Coach Clara | Coaching Berlin

What I can help you with

Balance your inner system

Foster self-understanding

Integrate gut, heart and head

Set change in motion

Find clarity and practical solutions

What my clients say

"Clara, with unbelievable precision and purposefulness, helped me specify my issues and find practical solutions."

- Heike B.
 (Coaching abroad)

"I never thought I'd have a breakthrough that quickly."

- Jana F.
 (Coaching in Berlin)

"Coaching allowed me to see my own patterns more clearly and break out of old routines."

- Ling C.
 (Coaching in Berlin)
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