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About me

Enneagram & Integrative Coaching

Discovering my inner space

Like is so often the case with change, my self-discovery started with a painful experience. At a time when I lost my inner balance and felt like the ground was pulled out from under me, I started shifting my view to look inside instead of outside of myself. I had known myself for long over 30 years by then, but still discovered new aspects, views and patterns. I wanted to find out what was going on inside me, what was my reality, what was that of others, why did I keep running into the same situations and patterns, what repetitive thoughts came up over and over again and why did some topics and people trigger my emotional reactivity?


In order to find answers and get back to the sense of inner stability that I've lost, I started to look into all kinds of perspectives on healing, self-care and -exploration. I inhaled scientific explanations, somatic experiences, spiritual practices and models for personality typing and tried everything that showed up on my path. I trained as Transformational Coach with Animas Centre for Coaching in Berlin and as Resilience Coach with IEK (Institut für Entspannungstechnik und Kommunikation) and started my own part-time business in 2019 to offer coaching to others, while integrating different schools of thought and methods to meet my clients individual needs. 



As a finance major with degrees in development economics and business administration, I have worked in several national and international non-profit organisations in the areas of development cooperation, food waste reduction and environmental protection. I consulted Microfinance institutions in Uganda on best practices, hosted charity events with international peace keepers, managed the finance department in smaller NGOs and passionately work as Senior Controller and Business Partner in the area of environmental protection and wildlife conservation.

Coach Clara | Coaching Berlin

I want to inspire others to discover their inner space and stay curious, kind and open to what shows up.


I am generally curious to discovering to new things, new perspectives, new insights. To understanding myself and others better, to find patterns and possibilities. I have worked in team and led them, I know conflict from being part of it as well as mediating it, I have looked at organisations from both the perspective of management as well as employee representative. Born and raised in Berlin, Germany, I love exploring new cultures and have lived in and travelled to many parts of the world. I enjoy the diversity, new input, challenges and personal development that comes with all these different experiences.

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