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Enneagram Interview & Coaching

what it's all about and how it can help you

What's the Enneagram?

The Enneagram is an ancient and very dynamic model for personal growth, which provides complex and detailed information to increase self-awareness, self-understanding and self-development. The Enneagram holds an abundance of information on our (mostly unconscious) somatic, emotional and cognitive patterns, on the way we communicate and operate, as well as our core motivations, strengths and deeper truths. 

The model holds information on a variety of types and subtypes, while at the same time taking into consideration dynamic movements in regard to developmental stages and well-being.

How many different types are there?

The general idea is that each of us operates from a dominant center of intelligence: our gut (body-center), our emotions (heart-center) or our intellect (head-center). Each center houses three types that express the core of each center in a different way, therefore describing nine different personality types, which are at the basis of the Enneagram.

To do the complexity of human nature justice, we go one step further and look into the main instinctual energies unconsciously driving each type: The self-preservation instinct, the sexual/one-to-one instinct and the social instinct. Taking the three subtypes of each of the nine types into account, provides us with a detailled map to 27 specific sets of themes and patterns, which let us zero in on, understand and deal with key issues of each person.

How does the Enneagram help me?

The Enneagram provides a very detailed map to the journey of self-discovery and transformation: Be it for having more fulfilling relationships, greater alignment of work and private life, increasing communication skills and empathy, recognizing blind spots, feeling more connected to others or content and in tune with yourself.

Getting to know your type is just the beginning, a starting point to deeper exploration and awareness, understanding and acceptance of unconscious patterns. Using the Enneagram in coaching allows us to dive directly into whereever you seek change and deal with the underlying issues that have been keeping you from manifesting that change.

How do I find out which Enneagram type I am?

Through personal and online Ennagram interviews, I help you narrow down possible (sub-)types and provide you with detailed information on which types resonate strongly and why, thus providing you with a deeer insights for further exploration and self-reflection. 

An interview takes around 60 to 90 minutes, there is no preparation necessary on your end. As the interviewer, I take into consideration not only the content of your answers, but pay attention to resonance, emotional charge as well as subtle reactions and perceived patterns during the interview and in regard to the specific questions. Just be yourself during the interview and let yourself be amazed. 

The Enneagram consists of...

Three centers
of intelligence

This is our mode of perception, processing and expression via our gut center, heart center and head center.

Nine types
(three per center)

Each of the nine types differ in how needs are met, emotional regulation takes place and self-identification is governed. 

27 subtypes
(three per type)

Subtypes are the combining of the passion of each of the nine types with one primary instinctual drive:  self-preservation, sexual/one-to-one and social instinct.

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