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Integrative Coaching

what it's all about and how it works

Why Coaching?

Coaching allows you to take full responsibility for your path. By providing the framework and using different methods and tools, coaching supports you in gaining clarity and balance.


In coaching you are challenged to look at patterns and blockages from new perspectives. Coaching aims at finding practical solutions and new ways to approach whatever it is you want to change.

Why Integrative?

In integrative coaching I draw from different schools of thought, such as somatic experience, inner family systems, transactions analysis, the triadic principle, methods of personality typing and a variety of tools to tailor each session to what is most helpful for you personally. It is not about how big or small your challenges are compared to those of other people, but rather it is about the impact they have on your current life and well-being. It's about where these issues show up in the present rather than delving into their origins. 

How Does It Work?

Integrative Coaching supports you in finding your own solutions by providing space and focus and using methods and tools to help you gain clarity, challenge patterns, dissolve blockages and find practical solutions.

I work with a non-judgemental, curious and open approach, in which I as the coach am unattached to specific solutions but fully committed to providing you with the professional framework to exploring new perspectives, inner dynamics and possible solutions. Coaching sessions take place in Berlin or online.


The goal of counseling is normality. The goal of coaching is excellence.


A consultant sells you their expertise. A coach sharpens your expertise.


A mentor shares their wisdom. A coach draws out your wisdom.

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